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I work 25 USD hourly with an upfront $25 flat rate fee.
All payments will go through Venmo or Zelle.

Terms of Service

These terms of services apply during and after service. Any violations of these terms of services will terminate the commission with a potential refund.◼ The commission will begin in a range of 1-5 days after payment is completed. You will be updated on the commission consistently. Updates consist of Scotticity's scheduling, current times spent on artwork, progress shots of artwork.
◼ No progress pictures may be kept for personal use until full commission is finished.
Until completion of the commission and payment, the artwork will belong to Jimmy S., Scotticity. If artwork is used before completion and full payment, you will be subjected to copyright infringement.
◼ If not satisfied with the finished piece, minor adjustments are allowed. Major adjustments are $25 per hour, continuing service.
◼ Nothing made by Scotticity may be used in any blockchain-related technology, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.


I will illustrate anything except the following:
◼ Pornography.
◼ Fetishes.
◼ Political messages.
◼ Hate speech.
◼ Ship art involving real people (Ex. Septiplier.)
◼ Pedophilia.
◼True Crime.
◼ Complex mechanic designs.

Even if it is not listed above, I may still decline your request if I am uncomfortable with the subject.

Art Examples

I do a variety of styles and renders on Adobe Photoshop. Please mention any style and render you prefer for your commission while contacting.

Character || Comics || Sketch Page || Commercial

Character Illustration

Comic Work

Examples below are timed for one page. If you do not wish to provide the story and dialogue in advance, writing will be added to the hourly charge.

DISCLAIMER: I will work only for short 1-10 page comics. I am not seeking to be hired for a long-running comic series, as I am currently working on my own.

1 Hour Sketch page

I will doodle any character(s) you'd like for one hour! Complexity of character(s) will give various results as to how many doodles there will be.

Commercial and Merchandising

© Scotticity. Contact


In the form below, please provide your information, describe what kind of art you want. If you have any images to provide, they will be asked for in further discussion.If you instead wish to email directly, contact [email protected].

Emailing directly means you have read and understood the Terms of Service.

Message Sent

Thank you! Your request will be processed, and will be further discussed via email.